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Fadza! Damn yoo Fadza!

The evening before, Lissa had invited us out to see the sights and sounds of Seattle. Seeing as I'd totally fotgotten to get a list of siteseeing put together, I took her up on the offer.

First up was breakfast...well...sorta. Originally we parked at the convention center to eat at the Via Tribulana restaurant her friend owned. The problem was the address we had lead to a grey slate wall.

We spent about an hour looking for it before we gave up and hoofed it down to The Pink Door, another Italianish restaurant. There were a few shops on the way, a chocolatier store I can't remember the name of where I picked up a chocolate scented candle. I think the name of the store is on it.

We finally made it to the Pink Door, where we ate looking out on the bay. Very little on the menu, but what was there was gooooood. We returned to the Pikes Street Market, and after a good number of tries, finally got a shot of the fish shop throwing fish around. Its absolutely a tourist gimmick, but they sure look like they're having fun with it.

We continued down the market - it puts anything Austin has, or San Antonio had to shame. Prolly a half mile of shop after shop after shop, from different ethnic foods, fresh fruit to a fresh meat market.

Erin stopped by, inviting us to a free showing of Mulon Rouge, and mentioning that she'd moved her appointments around to have the day with us. We went back to the market where we picked up some stuff for Debbie, as well as a ton of fruit, cheese and bread for the movie.

Then we went back to the car....or would have liked to. Okay. I have a beed with Seattle: They don't know how to do signage. Not just road signage, but any signage. We ended up in six different areas after following signs that said "parking garage." It took a while, but after a bewildering walk around the convention center, and another in the parking garage itself, we went to the movie.

The movie itself was held in a parking lot in Fremont, we spread a blanket and had a smorgasbord among the repurposed 80s power ballads. I'd never seen Moulon Rouge before, and I though it was a totally creative movie, surreal on the level of Jesus Christ Superstar. I totally loved that snippets of music were reused to make lyrics and replies and whatnot.

After the movie, we attempted to go to a bar where friends had gone tp get together, but they left just before we got there. We all called it a night, but not before I invited everyone to Dim Sum the next day. Home, then sleep....

Sunday...Sunday was a NO day. Which is sad, as it started out so well. We'd decided on Dim Sum in the morning. Again, Erin and Lissa provided the directions. The menu was really really small compared to what I was used to, but they gave us a pot of Yum Cha tea on the house. I'd never had it before (I always had Coke), but MAN it was good.

We left Erin and company back at their place, and we headed for the Space Needle and the Sci Fi Museum.

However, something big was going on downtown, and the parking was either full or INSANELY marked up ($20 for a space!). We tried looking for better parking but when we saw the museum and Space Needle had also marked up their prices for the event, we gave up. Besides. Maybe its sour grapes. But the Space Needle wasn't as tall or big as the Tower of Americas - I don't think I missed much....

Instead I decided we should try and find the redone 7-11, made up to look like a real Kwik-E-Mart. We went in to find that they were already well into the process of taking the Simpsons stuff down. What a dissapointment. We did manage to get odd flavored Slurpees in one of the few remaining Squishee cups before leaving.

With all the dissapointment from the day weighing heavily on me, Emily and I decided that we'd just go for a drive. Can't go wrong with that. I don't know Washington like I know Texas, so I can't be very precise with where we went. We ended up going in a giant loop around town, heading out towards the Boeing plant, then near Mt. Ranier, around Enumclaw and back into Kirkland, an almost 140 mile round trip!

Getting back into Kirkland, we went to go eat at Sushiland, a conveyor sushi restaurant. We ended up waiting almost an hour for a seat...they only had four tables and we were five groups in! The long wait made the sushi tsste even better, though. After we'd had our fill, we went back to Casa Lindsey and watched (and made horrible horrible fun of) Flash Gordon and Terror of Tiny Town.

Laugh of the night:

Tiny woman: I'd like six sandwiches, a half a dozen eggs, a ration of bacon and sausage, please.
Tiny chef: Yes ma'am! Your appetite grows everyday little lady!

We went to bed in the Early evening - Emily and I had a long day ahead of us....
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